ICAO Level 6

The "EXPERT" level.

Persons who demonstrated competency at this level are not required to renew their language proficiency endorsement.
Demonstrate that your English is (nearly) perfect.


Are you an expert?

The English language proficiency level 6 - the 'expert' level, as it was named by ICAO - is often referred to as the 'native speaker' level.
But this is not 100% true. It is possible (for non-native speakers) to reach level 6. But please do not confuse flight experience with English language skills.
Not only a wide range of vocabulary, but many other aspects decide whether you'll be awarded a level 6 or not, like your grammar skills, pronunciation and so on.
Having a lot of flight experience is no guarantee for being an 'English language' expert, but it surely helps.

Your English language skills will be assessed
in the following areas:

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interaction


Nearly flawless.

There's barely any difference between your pronunciation and the way native speakers speak.


Basic grammar: perfect | Complex grammar: (nearly) perfect.

Not only basic grammar but also the most complex sentence patterns are almost flawless when you use them - and you do use them frequently!


It goes on, and on, and on... sounding natural.

You can talk, talk, talk, talk ... it sounds natural and effortless. You use discourse markers not only because you know you should do that in this test, but because this is your usual way of speaking.
To emphasize something, you even vary speech flow naturally.


Can you talk about anything*?

You can talk about almost any topic, may it be a familiar one or an unfamiliar one.
Of course you use idioms in your everyday speech, and you don't only know one word to name something but different and nuanced terms for one and the same thing.


There's nothing that you don't understand.

Could you listen to an English news broadcast, an English rap song ... or something like that? Of course, this is not required during the test, but if you are able to listen to such things effortlessly, you might be a level 6.
You also recognize and know cultural and linguistic subtleties.


English is easy (for you).

You interact with ease in nearly all situations, you are sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues. Ask yourself: could you tell us an English aviation joke?


Do you feel ready to take the language test?

After reading the requirements listed above, do you think that your English language skills are already on this level?
Then take the test and get the license endorsement!

>> take the test online
>> get your results in a few days
>> no physical presence required